Brand New Video For "Time" Released!

Here it is Crowlings, the moment we've all been waiting for and without any further ado it's our great pleasure to unveil the brand new video for 'Time'... Enjoy and don't forget to spread the word by giving it a 'Share'! 

We'd also like to say a massive thanks to everyone who pledged to be a part of it and of course to our good friend Mr Gav Thomas at RougeIndustries for once again being 'The One'. 

Cheers everyone. You're incredible. We love you all. 

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris x

Debut Album "Behind The Veil" Released Worldwide!

It's been a long time coming Crowlings but our debut album 'Behind The Veil' is released worldwide TODAY!!! 

We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this happen - we couldn't have done it without you and we love you all...

So if you haven't already get your copy HERE and we'll see you Behind The Veil!

Nothing but love,

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris

"Behind The Veil" Debut Album EPK

With the worldwide release of our debut album "Behind The Veil" less than 7 days away, here's a visual extravaganza from the geniuses at RougeIndustries to wet your insatiable appetites... Spread the word Crowlings - See you Behind The Veil on June 17th!

Cheers everyone... We love ya!

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris

"All The Way" - Check Out The New Studio Video!

Here it is Crowlings, from the geniuses at RougeIndustries, the NEW STUDIO VIDEO for "All The Way" taken from our forthcoming album, "Behind The Veil"! 

Spread the word by Sharing with your friends and if you haven't already, get your advance copies here people 

Cheers everyone... Enjoy!

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris

Debut Album Update!
Ladies, Gentlemen, Crowlings of all ages...

It's with great pleasure we can finally announce that our debut album will be called...

If you haven't pledged yet, there's still time and you'll still get your hands on all of the exclusive content too. 5% of every pledge will also now be going to "Childline Rocks", so come get involved HERE and be a part of something special...

Nothing but love people,

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris xxx

The Quireboys Winter Tour 2012 - Thank you...

So, that’s the end of another tour...

We just want to say a massive thank you to our good friends The Quireboys for having us along for the ride, for all the laughs and all the wine… We couldn’t have asked for a better band to tour with and it was a pleasure sharing the stage with you every night. This is most definitely Rock n’ Roll!

Thanks once again to Mr Paul Nunn for making everything happen on a nightly basis and saving our arsess when things inevitably broke or had Strongbow poured into them - You sir, are a saint and we couldn’t do it without you. Special thanks to Mr Keith Weir on piano for jumping upon stage with us every night and making “Time” sound like it should (we’re still grin like idiots when we think about it). Our Manager and friend, Lord Matt Goom, for basically everything – you know we love ya!

Most importantly we want to say thank you to you, the fans, who came to the shows, who bought a CD, who pledged on the new album to help us reach our target and who make this all worthwhile – we love you all more than you know, thank you so so much.

Here’s to the next tour Crowlings! Have a Great Christmas and Happy New Year! Nothing but love to you all...

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris - The Burning Crows xxx

Debut Album. Spring 2013. Get Involved!
It's official... We’re heading back to the world famous Rockfield Studios in Spring to once again work with legendary producer Nick Brine to record our Debut Album, set for release May 4th 2013.

We want you to be involved every step of the way, so it’s a privilege to be able to offer you the chance to get involved with the band and get your hands on an advance copy of the album on April 24th by pre-ordering the through for £8 today right HERE -

As well as being the first to get the album, we’ll also be keeping everyone who pre-orders, or pledges, updated with the latest news, videos and blogs so you're always in the loop with what’s happening, as it happens! If you want something a little extra however, there’s also the option to pledge a little more cash and get yourself access to secret gigs, video appearances, a studio holiday or one of a kind memorabilia, not available anywhere else…

We’ve always been incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated fan base and we’d love for you to be a part of this as we all know that you’re incredible and to be honest we can’t do this without you… So it’s all over to you now Crowlings. Thanks as always for all the love, support and dedication... Nothing but love to each and every one of you.

See you in the studio Crowlings... and Thank You!

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris


The Quireboys & The Burning Crows Tour Winter '12...

Ladies, Gentlemen, Burning Fans of all ages,

We’re thrilled to announce that as well as our appearance at this year’s Hard Rock Hell Festival, we’ll be touring the UK once again this Winter as special guests to our good friends, The Quireboys! We’re absolute buzzing about this and can’t wait to get back out there and see you all...

Crowlings - it’s time for a party!

13th Nov – The Cluny, Newcastle - BUY TICKETS
14th Nov – The Yardbirds, Grimsby - BUY TICKETS
25th Nov – The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton - BUY TICKETS
28th Nov – The Duchess, York - BUY TICKETS
29th Nov – The Garage, Glasgow - BUY TICKETS
30th Nov – Hard Rock Hell - BUY TICKETS
13th Dec – The Waterfront, Norwich - BUY TICKETS
14th Dec – Esquires, Bedford - BUY TICKETS
15th Dec – The Corporation, Sheffield - BUY TICKETS
16th Dec – The Musician, Leicester - BUY TICKETS

Never Had It So Good Alive! Tour - Thank you...

So, as the final curtain falls on the “Never Had It So Good – Alive!” Tour, we just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who made it possible and a massive success.

Our Manager, Matt Goom, who plotted and schemed the whole thing and who has basically been attached to a phone or laptop for the past few months sorting venues, bands, transport, tickets and pretty much everything that goes with it. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you and you know we love ya and appreciate it all. Cheers Boss.

Our Tour Manager, Tech and Driver, Mr Paul Nunn. You basically saved our behinds on a nightly basis when things inevitably broke mid song. Cleared down the gear and loaded vans whilst we chatted to the fans. Ferried us around the country made sure that we were where we needed to be when we needed to be without fail and essentially saved the day when things started to go wrong. You’re skills, attention to detail, and ability to  You’re incredible and you have our eternal love, thanks and respect.

All the bands who put their hearts and souls into making these shows a success and killing it on stage every night. To each and every one of our new friends in Breaking Belief, The Divide, Dead By Dawn, Piston, Dead PinUps, Gypsy Pistoleros, Gotteri, Spill Sixteen, Fallen Mafia, Riff X, Estrella, Komatoze, Rank Berry, Midnight Transmission, Tric, Stillroom, Beltbuckle Overdrive, Western Sand and Toadstool thank you for all your efforts, hospitality and just generally being a really top bunch of guys and girls. We’ll see you on the road and we meant it when we said we’ll hook up on the next tour for sure.

All the venues, engineers, merch girls & boys and local media for helping us make the shows run as smoothly and successfully as they did. You’re unsung heroes and we appreciate all the work you all put in…

Most importantly, we want to say thank you to all of our fans… We know it’s cliché to say that “it’s nothing without you” but it’s so true... For all the unwavering love and support. For the tattoos, not being afraid to say “I like this band”, telling your friends and spreading the word. For spending your hard earned cash on tickets, merch and CD’s. For being there with us every step of the way… Thank you, we love you all!

We’ve met a lot of amazing people, made a lot new friends, seen a lot of amazing places, played so many excellent shows and had an incredible time. We can’t wait to get out there again, but until next time, keep those peepers peeping for more big news in the next couple of weeks and we’ll see you all again soon. Nothin’ but love Crowlings!i

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris - The Burning Crows

Come One... Come All... Tour Tickets On Sale NOW!!!
The “Never Had It So Good – Alive!” Tour is drawing ever nearer with more incredible special guests announced by the day...

We’re playing a lot of places we haven’t been to before and we literally can’t wait to get out there in September and meet you all. A lot of the shows are looking to be sell-outs, so if you still need tickets, you can find them at the links below.


1st Sep – The Waterfront, Norwich - BUY TICKETS HERE
2nd Sep – The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton - BUY TICKETS HERE
3rd Sep – The Borderline, London - BUY TICKETS HERE
5th Sep – Corporation, Shefffield - BUY TICKETS HERE
6th Sep – Trillians, Newcastle - Call 0191 232 1619
7th Sep – The Cathouse, Glasgow - BUY TICKETS HERE
8th Sep – Aunty Annie’s, Belfast - BUY TICKETS HERE
9th Sep – The Academy 2, Dublin - BUY TICKETS HERE
11th Sep - Bogiez Rock Bar, Cardiff - BUY TICKETS HERE 
12th Sep - The Bodega, Nottingham - BUY TICKETS HERE

See you on the road Crowlings!

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