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2nd Album 'Murder At The Gin House' Released!!!

It's finally here, the moment we've all been waiting for... Our long awaited 2nd studio album, 'Murder At The Gin House', is available NOW on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play &

To everybody who pledged to help make this album happen - You did it again... To be honest, we weren't sure what the response to a second crowdfunded album would be but not only did you donate your hard earned cash to help us reach our target, you smashed it in just 12 days, taking us to a final total of over 250% of the original goal - We love you all.

SIR NICK BRINE OBE you truly are King of Wales, Lord of the Valleys, Legendary Producer and most importantly, a good friend. There's not enough room to list all that you've done for us but you know we love you for all of it, so let us just say this... 'FOOKIN SHEEEEEIYNE' YA BASTAD!!! Our lovely assistants JON 'STAVROS' CONSTANTINE and RYAN 'FLATLEY' JORDAN for putting up with our endlessly ridiculous demands and keeping everyone smiling the whole way through recording. KENNY DOGLEASH for providing the spiritual calm and companionship in our hours of need. AMANDA, KINGSLEY, LISA & ALL AT ROCKFIELD STUDIOS for once again having us back to the one place that will always feel like home. ED at GIANT WAFER STUDIOS for giving free reign of your man cave and risking exile by bringing us back again... ROB HOLMES at WALNUT TREE STUDIOS for all your help in pre-production. PAUL AGAR for once again taking the time to work with us mere mortals to produce this shiny new artwork. RICHARD LOCKETT for all the the things you do to keep us functional. GAV THOMAS at ROUGE INDUSTRIES for tirelessly working round the clock to make us look good all the time, every time. Everybody at BLACKSTAR AMPS, VINTAGE GUITARS & REGAL TIP STICKS for working with us to make this album sound even better than we first imagined it ever could. To the lovely people at VOCALZONE for being the miracle cure to remedy the late nights, early mornings and long GIN-ins. To the original sexbomb, SIR TOM JONES OBE for the inspiration in our darkest of hours - it was good to touch your green, green grass of home one more time. 'Our lovely mate SPUG for chaperoning us around the country in your merry wagon of laughs, lager and double cheeseburgers. OSSIE & JOHN for coming a being a part of the recording with us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, after the hangover wore of course. 

And finally to all of our FAMILIES and FRIENDS and those that we've lost along the way, we know we're no Angels but we hope we made you proud and you're smiling down when we say... Thank you - For the unconditional love. For the endless patience. For everything.

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris x
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