Pre-Production Has Begun... Just 5 days 'til Rockfield!!!

As we write this from the deepest darkest depths of Norfolk, the snow has started to fall whilst we take refuge in the relative warmth of Walnut Tree Studios... Yes that's right - as you may have guessed the recording process has indeed begun and we've just begun Pre-Production for our new album!

Nick Brine, along with new assistant and general nice guy, Jon Constantine (please email in with suggestions for his new nickname) are here too and we're working through the ten tracks, ruthlessly pulling them apart, cutting bits out, adding bits in, going to the pub for perspective... All to make sure that when we get to Rockfield on Friday, we know exactly what we're laying down and that this is not only even better than 'Behind The Veil' but better than anything else you buy for a long long time!

We're all proper excited about this album and we can't wait to get it out to you on June 19th (April 24th if you pre-order HERE) but in the meantime, keep your peepers peeping for a video blog in the next few days!

Cheers everyone, we'll check in soon!

Whippz, Lance, Will, Chris, Nick & Jon "New Nickname" Constantine x

And So It Begins... The Road To Album #2 Starts Here!
We’re heading back into the studio to once again work with legendary producer Nick Brine and record our Second Album, set for worldwide release June 12th 2015

We want you to be involved every step of the way, so we're offering you the chance to get fully involved and be a part of it from the start by pre-ordering the album today for just £8 through right HERE!

As well as being the first to get the album on April 24th well ahead of the official release, we’ll also be keeping everyone who pledges updated with the latest news, videos, demos and blogs so you're always in the loop with what’s happening, as it happens! If you want something a little extra however, there’s also the option to pledge a little more cash and get yourself anything from one of a kind memorabilia and merch through to personal shows and a studio holiday, all available only through PledgeMusic.

We’ve always been incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated fan base and to be honest we couldn't do any of this without you, so once again it’s all over to you...

Thanks as always for all the love, support and dedication... Nothing but love to each and every one of you - See you in the studio.

Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris


'Live ...From Behind The Veil' Released Worldwide!
Get ready Crowlings... Our brand new limited edition live album, 'Live ...From Behind The Veil', is released around the world TODAY!
Massive thanks to all who pre-ordered their copies and if you still need to get your hands on one, check out our store right HERE.
Cheers everyone - Enjoy ;)
Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris

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